Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Observations at Westin Hotel

The dark haired woman studies the red glass vase, holding it up to the light, turning it this way and that. She polishes it with a white cloth and holds it up again. She sets the vase down and picks up her bottle of water, tipping it back and draining it into her mouth. She adjusts her black eyeglasses and picks up the vase, putting it on the shelf behind her.

A man in a dark suit walks in. The clerk comes around the counter and walks over to stand by the man, both of them facing the glass on display. “Welcome sir, how are you?” She has a high voice. “We have work from about 70 glass artists, all from the Northwest, from Portland to Vancouver. If you need any help, let me know”.

She walks back to behind the counter and sits on the stool, which is short enough so her head looks like it sits on the counter. The man casually strolls by the displays, making the loop, pausing no where and walks out of the shop. The clerk gets up from behind the glass case, where there are jewelry boxes, the left side white boxes and the right side black. She paces back and forth behind the counter, ties the long red scarf around her neck and sits back on the stool.

The shop has bright white lights in the ceiling and along the wall. Blown glass, round discs and draped vases in bright oranges and blues, some with red rims or yellow lines. There are glass circles hanging from the ceiling on long clear threads. Bright and color everywhere. Moore than a dozen smaller pieces in all shapes, balls and wavy circles are held up to the ceiling by a clear plastic panel. Lights above the glass shine through, so some of the glass has brighter colors and the lines from other colors there are very visible.

The clerk gets up from her stool. A blonde woman in a maroon jacket walks in. She has a large white cloth and polishes the top of the glass counter top. She walks around to the back of the counter and both women sit on stools almost at the same time. They talk quietly to each other, the dark haired woman looking around and the blonde haired woman looking at papers on her lap.

A woman in a green sweater, with a large beige bag over her shoulder walks into the shop. The black haired clerk comes from behind the counter “Hi. We have glass from about 70 artists, all from the Northwest, from Portland to Vancouver. The glass that’s in this case is Mount Saint Helen’s glass. The green. And the pink is new. It’s been available for about four months.” The green sweatered woman walks over to the other wooden shelves with glass paperweights, browses for a minute and wanders out of the store.

The black haired woman walks over to the large stuffed bear sitting at the shop entry. It sits on a tall stool and has a long bright red patterned scarf tied in a bow around its neck. She straightens the bow, says something to the blonde woman still sitting behind the counter, and walks away from the shop and down the hall towards the lobby.

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