Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dialogue with Harry

Harry Houdini, a famous magician, was born as Ehrich Weisz in Budapest, Hungary on March 24, 1874. His father, Mayer Samuel Weisz, was a religious scholar and teacher, who moved his family to Appleton, Wisconsin when Houdini was two years old. Harry enjoyed magic, especially “escape” stunts. He married Bess in July 1894 and she joined him in his act. He was a skeptic on the subject of spirits returning from the dead to speak to the living and spent time
debunking “spiritual mediums / tricks”. Houdini died from peritonitis on October 31, 1926. He told Bess that if it were possible, he would send a message to her “from beyond” in a code they had worked out. After his death, she held séances for 10 years never receiving their coded message. Each Halloween, members of the magic fraternity still hold séances in locations around the world.
Here’s my conversation with Harry:
Me: Hi Harry. It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for your time. Is now a good time to talk?

Harry: Yes, of course. I remember the concept of time, even though it’s no longer applicable where I am now.

Me: Can you explain that?

Harry: I will try, but it’s something you lack the words for, so it will be difficult for you to understand. Where you are now, to understand, you need words and can’t visualize or grasp without the words. Time here is just a color, it’s just another part of what we see and feel here. You know about points and lines and solid objects? Time is just another aspect and not at all important. Here you flow from path to path, like a ball of yarn. Where the points touch, you can move to a different point. So there really is no “forward and backwards”, just change. And there are many other components that I can’t explain because I can’t break it down into something as simple as words.

Me: I’d like to understand that. Can you help explain?

Harry: No. I’m sorry, I can’t. It’s not a matter of trying harder to find the right words to help. There are no words. Here we have moved beyond seeing the world in words and pictures, so there’s nothing I can give you so you can see and understand what I understand. The only way you could is to come where I am, and it’s not time for you to do that yet.

Me: OK. I don’t understand, but I’ll accept. Let’s talk about contacting the living from where you are. You said that you would contact Bess if it was possible, but she didn’t hear from you. Can you tell me something about that?

Harry: I remember that vow, but it turns out that once I moved from the place you are now to the place I am now, that “coming back from the beyond” is silly. I now understand that it would serve no purpose and could cause harm.

Me: Maybe she would have just liked to hear that you were OK and happy.

Harry: I understand what you are saying. However coming back from where I am to where you are, even just in a greeting, would cause imbalance and chaos that you couldn’t understand. I am now in a state that would cause rifts and confusion in the basic foundation that is how you see and cope with the world as you know it. We couldn’t really communicate. It would be like a tree and a crystal trying to understand each other. There’s no common thread that allows for communication or mutual understanding or even mutual awareness. It just can’t be done. The only reason you and I are able to communicate is it’s a class assignment and you are using your imagination. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to explain this better.

Me: If you were going to give me one insight you now understand that is applicable to where I am, what would it be?

Harry: Understand that you are not isolated, you are not an individual. You cannot do anything that doesn’t impact the rest of the world as you know it. The world you are in is a web, where everything you see and smell and touch is connected. Each person, animal, insect is connected. When you make a choice, that choice vibrated through-out the rest of the web, like a hitting a key on a piano string. The vibration is felt and impacts other choices and decisions that are indirect to you but impacted by your decisions. It’s like the analogy “when a butterfly flaps its wings in Ohio, it rains in the Amazon”. That’s too simple, but that’s a picture for you to see.

Me: Everything? I can’t handle that. It’s too much.

Harry: I don’t mean for you to be frozen into inaction. Even that decision of inaction causes waves. What I mean is all your actions impact others. And you have an infinite set of choices before you. Sometimes even with an infinite set of choices, they all lead to the same “next step”. You have some things you need to experience or learn, you have some things that you need to do in order to set the needed vibration into motion. You are given the same thing over and over until you touch the right domino and it falls in the right direction.

Me: You mean there’s some higher power and master plan?

Sort of. I can see where you would need to understand it that way. For where you are now, yes, there’s a “Force” that guides the options that appear before you and bring before you what you need to learn. It’s not cruel or bad or good. There is just a series of concepts you need to understand and sometimes the only way to gain understanding is to experience it. And sometimes you need to be the one to understand so that you can help those you touch also become aware and gain new understanding. You are all part of a web and it’s important that you live your life fully and with the purpose as intended.

Me: What’s my purpose?

Harry: I’ve just explained that. To live fully with the purpose as intended.

Me: But what is that purpose?

Harry: I can’t explain that. If I did, I would be exerting my views and my experiences onto you. It can’t be that way. It would result in an incomplete journey, an incomplete next step for you. You would hear my words, interpret them as you understand your world now, and go down unintended paths and not complete the journey that only you can complete. You, as you are, as you travel, are the only one who can fill that part of the universe. If you were to deviate, there would be a void in the pattern of where you are and where I am and it would cause the texture and pattern to be wrong.

Me: But…

Harry: Live your life. Try the unknowns. Work to communicate and understand all those around you and help them understand you. You do not have to write like Shakespeare or draw and understand like Leonardo De Vinci. You need to be you. That’s what’s needed. You need to help those around you be them. It doesn’t mean you sit and watch TV and become absent in life. It also doesn’t mean that you have to cause a revolution in your time as you would understand that. You are causing change as long as you live your life and fulfill your purpose.

Me: How do I know if I’m on the right track?

Harry: Listen to the quiet. Live your life. Live in the here and now. Pay attention to where you are, not where you were or where you are going. Now. There is only now. If you are checking things off lists or building lists of lists, you are not “now”. This will be difficult for you. It is one of your biggest learnings. But it’s vital to fulfilling your purpose.

Me: Thank you, Harry.

Harry: Enjoy your journey.


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